The Mind of A Writer

I know as I strive to be better at the craft of writing I am always scouring websites to see how other writers overcome the obstacles they face. Obstacles like procrastination, writer’s block, distractions, is my writing good enough and you get the idea. In my search, I find that most writers face the same issues I do and have different methods of overcoming the beast of doubt. Doubt for a writer is a killer for the novel you are writing. When you cannot write with confidence, the story will suck no matter what. All of the great ideas and character will not flow freely from your mind, because they are stuck in the doubt trap of your mind, and they need to be freed.

In this site, I will deal with topics just like this, and how I deal with them, but I will also show you a little about my creative process, where I get my inspiration, and also how I write without inspiration. We all have stories in our head, but A Writer, a true Writer knows how to take the story and put it into words on paper, creating the world for those who want to escape.

This is the purpose of this site, I want to share my journey with you, my bad writing, and my good writing. Allowing you to comment and ask questions and also critique me, so that I myself can also learn from you.

I hope you enjoy, and I know I am excited about sharing my love of writing with you.

Lets slay the beast of doubt together!




My name is Michael Mounts. I am a writer of fiction/supernatural. I love to live my life outside the box and view the world with different eyes. Welcome to my site where I invite you to look through the lens to my imagination.

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