National Novel Writers Month

This is the Novel I am working on this month.



The Fairy Circles

Author: mpmounts
Genre: Fantasy


A group of friends decide to go hiking in the mountains of Maine in Acadia National Park when they stumble upon strange, large circles on the ground made of mushrooms and wild flowers. One by one they start to disappear, only to be found laying in the circles a couple hours later. Their friends start to grow suspicious of the ones that disappeared, because they do not seem like themselves. That is when the killing starts. They have to race against time to save their friends and bring thier souls back, but they only have nine days to do it, or they are gone forever.


“Henry! Shut the door before he gets out!”

Marcy shouted

Jim tried to get to the front door to shut it, but it was to late as Max (a giant Golden Retriever) lept, tearing through the screen of the storm door.

“No! Max come back!” Marcy screamed.

“Im sorry.” Jim said. “He was to fast.”

“We need to go after him.” Marcy said with tears now in her eyes. “He is going to die out there. They will kill him!”