Early Morning Inspiration

Sometimes as a writer, you have to listen to inspiration, and move when it tells you to. Sitting at the keyboard is bad enough when you can not get the words to flow. When you get inspired and ignore it, you will be kicking yourself later on if you don’t write it down, record it or whatever you do to capture the inspiration when it appears to you like a white unicorn in the forest.

This is what happens to me sometimes (alright, a lot of times) at night or early morning. The ideas and dialogue just start flowing in my mind, and I have to get up and start tapping away at the keyboard to get it down before I forget. Writing takes a long time; scratch that; reverse; let me say, writing a novel takes a long time. You want it to be right, and capture the attention of your audience. You try to read it from their [the audience] perspective and if it does not capture you, it will probably not capture them.

So when you wake up in the middle of the night with enough words to fill three or four pages, you obey it and get up and write. Some people think we just sit down at a typewriter and it all comes out. No, no! A good story happens in pieces, over time, as it reveals itself to you. I can sometimes go days without writing anything, then all of the sudden, like magic, I sit down and write for hours. I know, that if it is exciting me, I know my readers will love it as well.

Listen to your inspiration fairy when she comes to you, [yes, I am a fantasy geek] allow her to work with you and on to the pages.  She will never let you down.

My name is Michael Mounts. I am a writer of fiction/supernatural. I love to live my life outside the box and view the world with different eyes. Welcome to my site where I invite you to look through the lens to my imagination.

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